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Centennial Calendar

Centennial Calendar
2013 is St. Luke's Centennial year. We have celebrated with programs, potlucks, music, and guests this year. Upcoming events include:
November 10 – Centennial Concert on Martin Luther’s 530

Visiting Alumni
27-28 - Professor Jon Pahl, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
5 - The Rev. E. Frederick Holst [1978-87]
12 - The Rev Dr. Lee and Lois Snook [1962-70]
19 - The Rev. Bob and Lucy Brusic [1964-68]
9 - Cornell Reunion and St Luke Church Brunch
The Rev. Abby Zang Hoffman (Fairport, NY), preaching at 9:30 am service.
16 - Judith Van Orsdall
The Rev. John Scherer [1970-73] (Poland), The Rev. Diane Wheatley [1991-96] (Liverpool)
Emily Sensenbach-Gopal (offering an organ recital and hymn sing along, but NOT on a Sunday morning)
11 – The Rev. Lexa Liepe, a daughter of St Luke
22 – The Rev. Dr. James Haney [1958-61]
29 - The Rev. Diane Wheatley (from Liverpool, NY)
 6 – The Rev. Laurie Carson (from western NY).
13 – The Rev. Darlene Muschett [1981-83]

More events may be added. Continue to check back for further updates and more information!